Wet mop carts

VERMOP has an extensive professional range for wet mopping hard floor covering. With the practice-oriented programme, wet cleaning is fast, simple and economical - under all kinds of premises conditions. Functional buckets, stable wringers and a durable, smooth-running trolley form the central elements which VERMOP has been developing further and optimising for years.

Mag wet mop cart (stainless steel)

The wet wiping cart with Mag wringer is designed for various wringing applications. The Mag wringer is suitable both for working with the Mag Sprint flat mop system and the Mag Twixter double mop system. The Mag wringer is equipped with a softpoint for both applications. The mops are wrung out automatically, without applying pressure. Two bins ensure the hygienic separation of clean and dirty water.

Twixter Wet Mop Cart (stainless steel)

With the unique Twixter concept featuring the double-sided Twixter mop, the reach of the mop can be significantly increased in cleaning. The Twixter wet mop cart is produced in a stainless steel version. Two 20 l tubs ensure hygienic separation of used and clean water. The ergonomic Twixter wringer with lockable wringer lever facilities labour-saving mop wringing. The Twixter 2 wet mop cart can also be equipped with two 6 l buckets at the drawbar, for hygienic surface cleaning or transporting cleaning materials.

Twix 30 cm / 12“ wet mop cart (chrome coated)

With the Twix concept with double-sided Twix Mop 30 cm / 12”, even small and heavily-furnished areas are professionally cleaned. Two tubs ensure the hygienic separation of clean and dirty water. The ergonomic Twix wringer with lockable lever makes it possible to wring the mop out effortlessly on the holder.