Shopster® System

  1. Discarding unit for waste or textiles

    The discarding unit with 2 x 35 l or 1 x 70 l holder frame is ideal for collecting waste or soiled textiles.

  2. Self-opening lid

    The lid opens automatically with a press of the switch.

  3. Bucket, 8 l

    The bucket with the colored grips and optional lid can be removed from the cart – for professional work without having to take the cleaning cart along.

  4. Folding bins

    The folding bins with colored insert are ideally suited to work with pre-prepared cloths or for storing other material.

  5. Material cabinet

    The lockable material cabinet offers abundant space for cleaning agent bottles, sponges and further material.

  6. Can be combined with all floor cleaning systems

    The compact cart system on the footprint of a double cart can be combined with all floor cleaning systems.

  7. Twix System 30 cm

    The proven double mop system in the new compact working width.

  8. Covering

    Due to the covering and the closed module, the Shopster always makes a tidy, covered impression.

At a glance

  • Footprint of a double cart

    With Shopster, all floor cleaning systems can be accommodated on the footprint of a double cart.

  • Tidy appearance

    With its closed, tidy look, Shopster always ensures a professional appearance.

  • Developed together with cleaning operatives

    Shopster is ideally tailored to the requirements of the cleaning operative in the premises.

  • Compact holder and mop for small and heavily-furnished areas

    The Twix 30 cm floor cleaning system was specially developed for small and heavily-furnished areas.


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Product description

The new Shopster cleaning cart stands for the familiar VERMOP functionality in a minimum of space. Innovative and cleverly-designed right down to the last detail, it offers all functions of a conventional cleaning cart on the footprint of a double cart. The largest selection of floor cleaning systems on the market for this cart category, combined with smart solutions for material transport and disposal make the new Shopster so unique.

With the Shopster, you achieve result-oriented cleaning of surfaces of up to ca. 1,000 m2 (corresponds to an effective wiping surface of ca. 200 m2). The recommended areas of use: in system gastronomy, in the retail and store area, in doctor’s surgeries and health centres, in small branches of banks or post offices, for example, in sanitation facilities or in conventional cleaning of smaller premises. With its closed tidy look, Shopster gives your cleaning operatives a professional look.

Application area

  • Results-oriented cleaning up to ca. 1,000 m²
  • Shops
  • Small, heavily-furnished areas
  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Branches (bank, post, etc.)
  • Lock-up premises

Shopster Configurator

With the help of the Configurator, you put together your individual Shopster cleaning cart according to your requirements, send your configuration to other users and request your Shopster offer. More information is available under