Jetvac® Vacuum cleaner

  1. Bayonet connector

    Thanks to the bayonet connector, the hose is particularly easy to attach.

  2. Rechargeable batteries

    The rechargeable batteries work with lithium-ion technology without memory effect.

  3. Filter

    The motor filter holds back 95 % of dust. The HEPA filter filters 99% of dust particles, bacteria and fungus from the vacuum cleaner’s exhaust air.

  4. Compact construction

    Due to its compact construction, it can be easily stored in the Equipe cleaning cart.

  5. Foot switch

    With the foot switch, the Jetvac is particularly easy and simple to switch on and off without having to bend over. The plug-in vacuum cleaner has two suction settings which can easily be operated with the foot switch. By pressing it twice, you vacuum at the highest setting.

  6. Traction relief

    The traction relief prevents the cable being ripped off when pulled too hard.

  7. Powerful motor

    The powerful motor permanently retains its high suction power.

  8. Jetvac hose

    The hose is extra long and very flexible. Its large diameter reduces suction loss.

  9. Low noise levels

    With the low noise level of 58-64 dB the Jetvac can also be ideally used in daytime cleaning.

At a glance

  • Switch on and off without bending over

    The Jetvac is switched on and off simply using the foot switch – no more bending over.

  • No jumble of cables with the Jetvac accu

    The Jetvac accu permits comfortable vacuum cleaning completely without a cable.

  • Allergy-friendly

    The HEPA filter filters 99% of dust particles, bacteria and fungus from the exhaust air.

  • Easy to carry

    Due to its compact construction and low weight, the Jetvac is easy to carry around.


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Product description

The Jetvac and Jetvac accu vacuum cleaners set new standards when it comes to innovation and quality. Developed together with our customers, for our customers. For the Jetvac series, only tried and tested components are used, which are geared to high performance and long service life. The Jetvac accu provides previously unseen freedom of movement when vacuuming. With no cable to serve as a stumbling block, it is ideally suited to daytime cleaning, e.g. in offices or for quick “in-between” cleaning. The Jetvac with rechargeable battery is the solution in all those places where no power point is available. Choose from two battery running times: 45 or 90 minutes. Be it for train, bus or aircraft cleaning - the Jetvac accu permits mobile cleaning.

Application area

  • General cleaning of textile floor covering
  • Dry pre-cleaning of hard floors
  • Rail, bus and airplane cleaning